Answers and Tips
Are Great Grips difficult to install?
No, but in some instances a strong-handed friend is certainly helpful for installation purposes.
Installation Instructions:
Please view our installation video.
Wet the Great Grip with water before installing on doorknob or handle.

Will Great Grips fit my round doorknobs if they're not standard size?
Yes, Great Grips can be stretched to 300% of their original size. They fit small interior household doorknobs to industrial high-traffic styles.

I'm allergic to latex. Will Great Grips affect my allergy?
Great Grips are made of a soft & comfortable latex-free material.

In the winter my doorknob on the front door becomes extremely cold, would a Great Grip help?
Great Grips insulate against both hot and cold.

I sometimes get a shock when I touch my doorknob, can Great Grips eliminate this problem?
Static shock from doorknobs is eliminated when Great Grips are installed.

Do Great Grips comply with the Seven Principles of Universal Design?
The design of Great Grips meets all Seven Principles of Universal Design. Learn more about what these principles are and how Great Grips fulfills the criteria.

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